The main topics covered by the Shaping 8 conference will be:

  • Raw materials synthesis and treatment, with a specific focus on shaping aspects
  • Dry powder processing: uni- and iso pressing; one step process starting from powders: HP, SPS, HIP
  • Ceramics directly shaped by sol-gel, precursor derived polymers and geopolymers
  • Colloidal dispersion & surface modification, relevant in case of (pressure) slip casting 
  • Plastic forming: extrusion, injection molding, tape casting
  • Structures: Effect of processing and control of complex micro- and nanostructures
  • Porous materials, foam structures and their applications
  • Prototyping, including additive manufacturing techniques (ink jet, binder jet, stereolithographic methods, laser process, etc.) and machining
  • Aspects of drying and debinding
  • Thick films: electrophoretic deposition, plasma layers, laser cladding
  • Modelling and simulation and the impact on environment and society

with a special attention for:

  • Powder Synthesis
  • Powder Modification and Feedstock Preparation
  • Additive Manufacturing/Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (Stereolithography, SLS and SLM, FDM, Ink-jet printing)




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Sponsors Shaping 8


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